Don Bosco Youth & Education Centre is OPEN

In 2022 we have been able to see the fruits of the hard work and dedication that went into developing a new space for young people in Fiji – right back in 2017!

Following the completion of Don Bosco Youth and Education Centre in 2021, the centre is proving a to be a great success amongst the local community and youth. It is now a usual occurrence every day to have over 200 young people flock to the Centre to enjoy games and activities with their friends and Salesian mentors.

Young people of all different backgrounds, cultures and faiths are joining the programs and they aim to ensure that this Youth Centre and the programs are open to all who wish to join them. The goal of the Youth Centre is to provide a place inclusive of all, to give young people the room to play safely, learn from each other, celebrate their culture and have fun. It is pleasing to see that multicultural young people with different backgrounds and faiths are joining the programs where they will spend time together and learn to appreciate their diversities.

Programs are currently being established with the involvement and inspiration from the local community. Youth Leadership Programs have been conducted to provide a platform where voices are heard, education is provided and ideas are discussed.

The need for the variety of programs is very real as families from remote country areas relocate into Suva seeking employment. Children are left to occupy their time on the streets when they are not in school and left idle.

The second stage of the build: development of the surrounding land is well underway. In recent weeks they have taken the opportunity during a break in the wet weather to lay a netball/ basketball/volleyball court. Further work on the fields and outside lighting will be erected in the coming months.

To support incredible work such as this: