Communities in Need

In Ethiopia we face poverty daily in all aspects of life. Millions are struggling against misery in every situation imaginable.

Addis Ababa

Our focus is on assisting the poor malnourished children and destitute families, with food and medicines and helping needy students in rural schools.

We are very grateful for the help we receive from Australian donors, via ASMOAF, to fund education, relief and rehabilitation projects.

When the most impoverished families are referred to us, we insist on the regular attendance of their children at school as we know from experience that education is the basis to overcoming unemployment and hardship.

Families are assisted to set up small income-generating businesses, in the hope that these will be self-sustaining.

Recently we have improved the facilities in our rural schools where staff are currently trained in ways to best deliver aid and education, whilst respecting the rights of the individual.


Due to ASMOAF’s collaboration, the Don Bosco Youth Centre in Soddo is running a special school – holiday program for boys and girls aged 9 to 16. There will be 550 participants. (At the time of writing there are more than 50 on the ‘waiting list’)

The day commences with a breakfast ‘bread and tea’. For the first month there will be tutorial English classes in the morning and sport in the afternoon – football, basketball, volleyball. In the second month we will run group activities and competitions. A large number of prizes are provided for distribution: knapsacks, dictionaries, exercise books and pens.

To support incredible work such as this: