New Initiative to Improve Literacy in Gabutu Area Papua New Guinea

In Port Moresby, on the shores of Gabutu just in front of Don Bosco Technical Secondary School live people from different tribes making up two communities - Gabutu compound and Banana block. Most of them are low-income earners and unemployed.

They make their living from selling betel nuts, homemade cigarettes and foods, like scones and ice blocks. In these communities, the most vulnerable are children, most of who don’t attend school and have limited future prospects.

Currently Don Bosco Gabutu runs a Sunday Oratory program, receiving over 100 young people each week to participate in games, learning, and self-development activities. Whilst attending the Oratory, they also have access to snacks and medical attention when needed.

With many young people in the Gabutu community not attending school, the Salesians are seeking to start a Literacy and Numeracy programme that runs four days a week in addition to the Sunday Oratory.

The programme aims to offer basic literacy ad numeracy education to children who do not attend school or haven’t started schooling, and additional skills together with food whilst attending classes. On Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Thursday classes will run focussing on Maths and English, on Saturday morning classes for additional skills such as sport, music and crafts.

The program will run on the grounds of Don Bosco Technical School by both local and expatriate staff who will be employed and provided with weekly training to improve their teaching practice. The programme will also include monthly visits to families of children attending the classes to further motivate the children and their families and evaluate the results of the literacy and numeracy programme.

We look forward to hearing updates on the programme and are excited by the well thought out plans of the Salesians in Port Moresby.

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