Hands on Learning at Comoro

Don Bosco Training Centre located in Comoro, Dili is accredited by the National Trade Qualification board and trains students in Construction, Automotive, and Computer trades.

With 180 students enrolled in 2022, some who also board at the centre having come from rural areas, the centre is full of life and offers a comprehensive program of both hands on trades skills, as well as theory, English and Religious Education to its students.

Recently, through the generosity of donations, Salesian Missions was able to contribute funds to renovate the electrical workshop buildings which have the facilities for students to do practical house installations. The maintenance of these facilities is important for both student safety and to ensure that they have adequate spaces to be practicing new skills.

Student Scholarships were also awarded from the Australia Ron Archer Trust and the John Herbert Foundation which enables marginalised students to receive an education with the vision to develop a career in either general construction, automotive or office administration. We are certainly thankful for the vision and support by these benefactors over many years.

To support incredible work such as this: