Venilale Medical Clinic

Providing education to young people was the focus of the Salesian Sisters when they arrived in Venilale. However, they soon discovered a greater need as many people in the district suffered from various illnesses. The sisters could not close their hearts to the sick so in 1995 a Medical Clinic was established.

The Medical Clinic serves the needs of the local poor in remote villages who know little about personal hygiene and are unable to access medical treatment in the larger towns. Patients come from the eight villages and local schools around Venilale, Fatumaca, and from distant locations including Viqueque, Baucau, Manatuto and Lospalos. Last year there were more than 9000 patient “consultations.”

Currently, dermatitis, scabies and other skin diseases are a major concern, often affecting all family members. After providing some medicated creams, the next step is education: to explain how skin diseases can be prevented through better hygiene practices.

Other priorities are; assisting mothers with infant children who become ill due to malnutrition and helping those suffering from tuberculosis.

We thank God that most of our patients respond to treatment and return to good health. Our gratitude goes to those who, through ASMOAF, financially support our clinic.

To support incredible work such as this: