Summer Camps for Shanty Children

Over 200 Children from shantytowns participated in five summer camps. The children were nourished, enjoyed group games and given an insight into fun holiday camps away from their poor neighbourhoods.

The Don Bosco Development Society organised a HIV and AIDS awareness program in which 65 young people from poor backgrounds took part. The young participants were informed of the importance of prevention, the impact of infection, medical treatment available and the stigma associated with these diseases.

In addition, a drug, alcohol and addiction awareness day for local youth was held, 81 participants were alerted to the dangers of substance abuse and assistance offered.

Earlier this year, in association with the traffic police, an interactive workshop entitled “Safe Roads” was organised for the children and young people living in the slums. This activity highlighted the basic road rules and advice on how to deal with personal safety, city and street awareness.

Don Bosco Matunga continues to provide education to disadvantaged children, supporting street children and orphans, as well as offering free medical visits and clinical examinations to women, men, children and young people in the poor eastern areas of Mumbai.

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